Blood Work 2019

FOLX welcomes you to submit your artwork and/or music for this year’s Blood Work exhibition at NHF’s 71st Bleeding Disorders Conference from October 3 - October 5, 2019 in Anaheim, California at the Anaheim Convention Center.


Both artwork and music are accepted! Remember, creativity takes all shapes and comes in many forms. In the past we've shown everything from paintings to bleeding disorder inspired fashions, woven baskets, theatre design and even a tiny house built from the ground up.

Participants of any age or skill level are encouraged to apply and lastly:

Submissions DO NOT have to be about bleeding disorders.


When you’re ready, click the “Submit Here” button to use our new submission form! If you have any questions, email FOLX at j@folxfolx.org.

Deadline: September 24, 2019


Big Thanks To the kind folks over at CHES.education for letting us use their form submission system for this year’s exhibition!


NHF’s 71st Bleeding Disorders Conference
October 3 - October 5, 2019
anaheim, california




Submission Criteria

1) NHF’s Bleeding Disorders Conference is a community event. Therefore, subject matter must be appropriate for all ages. Entries containing profanity, violence or nudity will not be accepted. Decisions regarding subject matter are at the sole discretion of FOLX and cannot be appealed.


ELIGIBILITY: Open to anyone within the bleeding disorders community. You do not need to attend the Conference to participate. Entries must be original work.

ONLINE ENTRY PROCESS: When filling out your information for the exhibition, please be sure all information and spelling is correct. All information entered by the artist will be used “as is” throughout the entire event. Entry form must be completely and accurately filled out providing all requested information regarding the entry and the creator.


1. For images, only high-resolution files

2. These images will be used online and in print. Please submit largest size possible for high quality. 3. Accepted File Formats: .jpg, .mp3, .wav

SPECIAL NOTE: If you are a musician / recording artist, please submit an image you would like to use as an “Album Cover” in addition to the audio file.

MEDIA / SIZE: Open to all media except sculpture, ceramics or installation. When it comes to creative expression, it’s encouraged to think outside the box! From macramé plant hangers to traditional landscape photography to fusible bead designs, we really want to show it all! Maximum height is 44″. Please try to include specific dimensions with your entry.

Due to the nature of the hotel exhibition space, work does not have to be framed. Accepted 2D works can be displayed as either the original object or a high quality print. Paintings on canvas should be ready to hang with wire. NO GLASS. If you are concerned with the surface of your artwork being exposed without glass protection, please consider having the image scanned and using a print for the exhibit instead.

Large, heavy, or cumbersome pieces cannot be exhibited on location. Please include artist’s name, title, medium and year on a separate sheet of paper when shipping.  Hanging/display solutions can be figured out on a case-by-case basis, please email Justin Levesque (j@folxfolx.org) if you have any questions.

ENTRY FEE: No Fee Required.

SHIPPING: All accepted entries will receive an email detailing how and where to ship their work for the exhibition. Please label all packing materials with your name. Shipped work should arrive in a reusable container and include correct return labeling. Shipping costs will be covered by FOLX.  FOLX will ship the work back within 1-3 weeks. Return of work without a reusable shipping container or return shipping documents will be delayed.

SALES: All accepted entries will not be for sale (NFS) during the Conference. Often viewers will associate a price with quality. We want folks to avoid this scenario and enjoy each piece in the show without bias.  However, if someone is interested in purchasing a piece from the exhibition, we will be happy to facilitate that conversation after the conference. FOLX is also willing to help individuals price work should you need assistance.

MUSIC: All musical submissions will appear in future releases of Blood Vibrations compilations.

RELEASE OF LIABILITY: By submitting the entry form, the artist acknowledges that all reasonable care will be taken to safeguard the artwork and the premises and said person accepts that FOLX and its agents, associates, directors, officers and volunteers, National Hemophilia Foundation staff and volunteers will not be responsible for any damage, injury, liability loss or theft should any occur. Insurance for artworks entered in this show is each individual artist’s responsibility.

USE OF IMAGES: By submitting images to the EXHIBITION, Entrant warrants that he/she created each of the artwork(s) submitted for consideration in the EXHIBITION and that he/she possesses all legal rights to them. Entrant agrees that all submitted images selected by our judges may be used for marketing and promotional purposes related to the EXHIBITION. By providing the images and other information through this entry, Entrant gives permission for the EXHIBITION, FOLX and NHF to use images of accepted artwork for promotion, reference, printed materials and online postings as well as in future advertising. All images used by the EXHIBITION, FOLX and NHF shall have a credit line of the artist. Copyright and all other rights remain that of the artist.

AGREEMENT: Submission of work constitutes an agreement to the conditions set forth and acceptance that the decisions of FOLX are final. Artists may not withdraw accepted entries before the close of the exhibition.